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The "One School One Country" programme is part of WorldSkills São Paulo 2015.

The "One School One Country" programme is part of WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 and is intended to foster interaction between the Competitors and students from local schools in order to promote education and vocational training.

In the programme, about 55 secondary schools in São Paulo and its surroundings will receive Competitors from different countries. Such experience seeks to provide local students the opportunity to simultaneously learn about the different countries and options for professional skilled careers in the commercial and industrial sectors.

In February 2015, six months prior to the Competition, the students of the host schools met the representatives of their partner country or region. During this meeting they can exchange information about the country and its culture in order to prepare for the Competitors' visits.

One day before the Competition, students and Competitors will have the opportunity to meet in person and participate in different activities for the purpose of sharing their respective cultures and learning experiences. Students from the host schools will also visit the Competition to closely examine the world of professional education and its various forms.

The "One School One Country" programme began at WorldSkills Shizuoka 2007 and has since become a major part of the Competition. It is a cultural exchange programme designed to introduce the students to the world of skills as well as different countries and regions around the world.

Selected Schools

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EE Frei Paulo LuigEE Professor Joaquim Leme do Prado Anhembi ParkEE Professor Augusto Meirelles Reis Filho EE São PauloEE Professor Benedito Tolosa EE Caetano de Campos EE Capitão Pedro Monteiro do Amaral EE Afrânio Peixoto EE Carlos Maximiliano Pereira dos SantosEE Ennio VossEE Professor Flávia Vizibeli PirróEE Doutor KyrillosEE Professora Lygia de Azevedo Souza e SáEE Professora Maria Ribeiro Guimarães BuenoEE Odair Martiniano da Silva MandelaEE Oswaldo AranhaEE Dr. Reinaldo Ribeiro da SilvaEE Romeu de MoraesEE Italo BetarelloEE Professor Helios Heber LinoEE Professor Ayres de MouraEE Ermano MarchettiEE Professor Flaminio FaveroEE Professor Joaquim Luiz de BritoEE Professora Luiza Salette Junca de AlmeidaEE Professora Maria Helena Gonçalves de ArrudaEE Professor Miguel Oliva FeitosaEE Professor Plinio Damasco PennaEE Dr Alberto Cardoso De Mello NetoEE Albino CesarEE Professor Eurico FigueiredoEE Professor João Baptista Alves SilvaEE Conego João LigabueEE Professor Paul HugonEE Pastor Paulo Leivas MacalãoEE Pedro AlexandrinoEE Conselheiro Ruy Barbosa EE Silva JardimEMEF Professor Olavo PezzottiEMEF Professora Maria Antonieta D´Alkimin BastoEMEF Julio de MesquitaEMEF Desembargador Amorim LimaCEU EMEF Sen. Teotonio Vilela - CEU da PAZEMEF Dr. Elias de Siqueira CavalcantiEMEF Dra. Angelina Maffei VitaEMEF Gal. Paulo Carneiro Thomaz AlvesEMEF Arthur AzevedoEMEF Assad AbdalaEMEF Infante Dom HenriqueEMEF Professor José Ferraz de CamposEMEF CEU JaguaréEMEF Dilermando Dias dos SantosEscola SantiColégio Nova CachoeirinhaColégio Albert Einstein


In 2015, the following activities will involve the participation of schools-host:

February 2015

a. "Competition Preparation Week" Event (03.02.2015)

Schools’ introduction to the Technical Delegates and exchange information cards during the Competition Preparation Week. The meeting was held at the Renaissance Hotel, during the afternoon of 03.02.2015.

In the morning, the Delegations will visit one of the 55 secondary schools (6th to 9th grade) in the city of São Paulo. The teams and the schools were matched according to the cultural affinity between the Member country or region and the host school.

April - June 2015

Formative meetings

Regular meetings with the host schools to support the construction of the programming for the day of the visit to schools, as well as offering educational tools, support materials and research on members countries and regions of WorldSkills.

Meetings with Diplomatic Representations

Interlocution with diplomatic representatives to realize rounds of conversations with students and school community about culture and traditions of the visiting Delegation.

August 2015

b. Delegation visits the host school (11.08.2015)

Each Delegation will pay a morning visit to one of the 55 schools on 11.08.2015. The students between 12 and 15 years, and the programming consists of:

9h00 – 9h30 - Reception of the delegation;

9h30 – 10h30 - Presentation of the school and cultural activities for integration

10h30 – 11h30 - Presentation of the Competitors on the skills (students will also learn about new careers and technologies);

11h30 – 12h00 – Schools will offer coffee/snacks

c. Schools visit the Competition (from 12 to 14.08.2015)

The students of the host schools will visit the Competition (Anhembi Park), with transportation provided by the Organizer.


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